The Diabetes Association of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) was founded in 1980. The Association became a registered member of International Diabetes Federation in 1983 under the name of Chinese Taipei Diabetes Association (CTDA) and has played an active role in the global community of diabetic care. The Association is also one of the core associations of The Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes (AASD). The Association currently claims 974 members with 604 diabetes specialists forming the majority and related educators, nutritionists, and nurses completing the entire membership.

Taiwan Diabetes Atlas 2000-2009

In past years, Taiwan's diabetic population was estimated by surveys with irregular interval and different sampling. To obtain nationwide data on the incidence and prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in Taiwan, we performed an analysis of the 2000 to 2009 claim data from the National Health Insurance (NHI). The incidence of diabetes, including type 1, remained stable over this 10-year period in Taiwan. However, the incidence rate in men aged 20 to 59 years was higher than that in age-matched women. With our nationwide database, subgroup analysis of DM incidence can be performed to refine our health policies for the prevention, screening, and treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Taiwan Guidelines of Treatment- over 50 CME activities from 2009 to 2012

The Association, with contribution from scholars and experts across Taiwan, has developed and released three sets of guidelines from 2009 to 2012: 1) Postprandial Hyperglycemia Treatment Guideline 2012, 2) Caring Guideline on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease 2012, 3) Clinical Caring Guideline for Diabetes 2012. To further enhance the health care of patients with diabetes through continuing education, the Association has sponsored CME totaling more than 50 events from 2009 to 2012. And the Association keeps updating the guidelines to follow the international trends.

International Achievement

Since World Diabetes Day was introduced by IDF and WHO in 1991, the Association has shown its greatest supports for WDD and later UN WDD activities each year. Furthermore, we had an international congress named “From UN WDD to Taiwan Declaration on Diabetes (TDD)” at the 2nd year after the announcement of the Taiwan Declaration on Diabetes, on November 12, 2009. This is to get the commitments from all stakeholders include government, diabetes associations, health care professionals, and patient groups. On March 6th, 2009, the Association hosted IDF WPR council meeting in Taipei, Taiwan. On December 19th, 2009, the Association hosted 11th Symposium on Molecular Diabetology in Asia (MDIA) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
In 2012, the Association successfully won the bidding of the 2016 IDF-WPR congress. The 11th IDF-WPR congress & 8th AASD meeting will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, Oct. 27-30, 2016.

Strongly Connect to IDF and IDF-WPR

After the Association became an IDF member, the Association has held WDD promotion activities every year. The Association also joint the IDF/ IDF-WPR Member Association Village each year: 2008 IDF-WPR(Wellington), 2009 IDF(Montreal), 2010 IDF-WPR(Busan), 2011 IDF(Dubai), 2012 IDF-WPR (Kyoto) and 2013 IDF (Melbourne).
The President of the Association, Prof. Wayne H.H. Sheu, was elected as the Chair Elect (2013-205) of the IDF-WPR, and the Chair (2016-2017) of the IDF-WPR.

Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome Risk Score Test- E-Go Health Net

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Risk Assessment. The assessment utilizes a few simple questions to calculate their risk scores in order to promote diabetes prevention and disease care awareness. It is a simple online test designed by Taiwan diabetes specialists. We hope to prevent and raise public awareness of diabetes/MS through this simple test.

A Song of Diabetes- A Better Way

To all people concerned about diabetes: A better way of life is waiting for us. The Association wrote the song "A Better Way" for diabetes awareness in 2010. By bringing together of hundreds of doctors, nurses and people with diabetes, sing out loudly of our care of diabetes. Living with diabetes requires regular monitoring of blood sugar, a controlled diet and daily exercise. We will be brave and we won't give up because a better way of life is waiting for us.

Website for the Public-全民糖尿病觀測站www.diabetes.org.tw

Launched in Nov. 2010, this website collects the latest news of diabetes from around the world, and provides information such as finding a diabetologist, e-Newsletters, diabetes topics, etc. The goal is to promote diabetes education and prevention. Moreover, we hope that people with diabetes and their families and friends could be benefit through this website.