The Endocrine Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

2016/5/28 世界甲狀腺日-甲狀腺健康講座 Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting on 2014/8/17 2014/9/27-28 Proceeding of Autumn & Cross-Strait Scientific Symposium 15th AOCE at Cebu, Philippines on 2014/10/ 8-11 15th AOCE  Council Meeting on 10 October 2014 2015/03/21-22 The 35th Anniversary of The Endocrine Society and The Diabetes Association of The R.O.C.(Taiwan)



~ 十年經驗、安心體驗
~ Novo Nordisk Diabetes Update 2016(需事先電話報名,額滿為止。電話23772566)
~ 105年糖尿病繼續教育課程(二)
~ 十年經驗、安心體驗
~ 北區內分泌新陳代謝科聯合學術研討會