The Endocrine Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan)


有關台灣禮來公司糖尿病治療藥物GLP1-RA Dulaglutide(TRULICITY | injection 0.75mg/1.5mg)藥品事宜

本會於111年9月23日行文台灣禮來公司有關糖尿病治療藥物GLP1-RA Dulaglutide (TRULICITY  injection 0.75mg/1.5mg)藥品事宜

111年9月27日台灣禮來公司回復本學會關切之糖尿病治療藥物GLP1-RA Dulaglutide 來文如下;


發文日期:中華民國 111 年9月27日
發文字號:北台禮字第 19121883 號
速別:最速件 密等及解密條件或保密期限:普通 

旨:有關台灣禮來公司糖尿病治療藥物GLP1-RA Dulaglutide (TRULICITY  injection 0.75mg/1.5mg,中文名稱:易週糖注射劑 0.75/1.5mg )藥品,市場供貨說明


由於全球對 GLP-1 RA 的需求出現急速成長,造成易週糖(Trulicity®)供應不足影響產能排程,目前全球供貨吃緊,灣市場預估2023 全年將面臨持續供貨不穩定的狀況。 






Due to unprecedented demand increase among all GLP-1 RAs, the shortage of Trulicity® and capacity of product supply is impacted, and global supply is tight. Unstable supply in Taiwan is expected throughout 2023

We are working to minimize the impact to patients but do anticipate some patients may experience a disruption in filling their prescription for Trulicity. We have requested that health care professionals not start any new patients on Trulicity so that existing patients can be prioritized. We also rely on health care professionals to make the best appropriate adjustment on patients' medication 

Lilly Taiwan complies with regulatory guidelines in reporting relevant supply shortage issue to the health authority to reduce the impact to the minimum

Eli Lilly is constantly monitoring and managing the supply needed of Type 2 diabetes patients and continues to invest and increase manufacturing, supply capacity globally to shorten the shortages and out of stock duration. We aim to lower the impact to the minimum

Lilly is committed to manufacturing and providing safe, high-quality medicines for people who need them. Lilly Taiwan will stay in tuned with the headquarter on Trulicity's future restocking schedule. We will continue our dedication to the innovative research and development and strive for a stable drug supply to provide better Taiwan's medical quality and help more patients